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NETTER VIBRATION公司主要活跃于震荡器技术领域.从1953年开始给建筑工业提供震荡器。后来供应范围发展到其他领域,如化工、机械工程和食品工业等。它的种类也非常齐全。 NETTER-VIBRATION产品主要有: ATEX震动器,工厂机器,控制系统及备件,气动振动器;液压震动器;不锈钢振动器;特殊振动器;机械厂;控制系统;配件;测量仪器。 NETTER-VIBRATION气动振动器功能与优点: • 气压低消费 • 频率或脉冲经可调空气压力 • 振幅线性振动器,可调经排气 ATEX认证或不锈钢版本 有3种不同的工作原则: • 旋转式振动器产生旋转震动 • 线性振动器产生直线振动 • 撞击产生的冲动 振动特性的每一个振动器基本上是确定的这三个工作原则。 • 旋转式振动器主要产生高频振动,低振幅 • 直线振动产生的低频振动具有较高振幅 • 产生冲动可比,一锤的打击。每3个工作原则:有自己的具体振动特性。分别应用发号施令,其中原则上可以得到最有效的执行。我们的应用工程师们会很乐意提供意见。 NETTER-VIBRATION代表型号有: Netter气压式滚轴式振动器NCR型 Netter气压式滚轴式振动器NCR型 Netter气压式滚轴式振动器NCR型 Netter气压式涡轮振动器NCT系列 Netter活塞往复式振动器 NTK型 NEG-、NEG5060 、NEG2570 、NEA-、NEA5020、NEA504 、NFP-、NFP18S-、NCB-、NCB20-、NCT-、NCT 4 、NCR-、NCR3 、NCR120 、NTK-、NTK8AL、NTK18AL 、NTK25

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Netter vibrators find their application in almost all industrial fields. Besides the classic applications in the field of bulk material handling, we are continuously developing new solutions together with our customers, in order to improve production processes or introduce new applications. Each of the available vibrator types has its own specific features and it is often these features which make a solution at all possible. Some vibrators generate rotary vibration, while others generate linear vibration. For some types of vibrator, it is possible to adjust frequency and amplitude independently whilst running. Other devices exhibit special vibration characteristics. We also offer vibrators for explosive environments according to ATEX regulations and stainless steel vibrators for chemical and food applications. We supply vibrators with pneumatic, electric and hydraulic drives and are therefore able to solve almost every imaginable problem arising in production, conditioning and material handling, in most industries.

Netter Pneumatic Vibrators Features and benefits of Netter pneumatic vibrators and impactors : Low air consumption Frequency or impulse adjustable via air pressure Amplitude of linear vibrators adjustable via the exhaust ATEX or stainless steel versions available There are 3 different working principles: Rotary vibrators generate rotary vibrations Linear vibrators generate linear vibrations Impactors generate impulses The vibration characteristics of each vibrator are essentially defined by these 3 working principles. Rotary vibrators mainly generate high frequency vibrations with low amplitude Linear vibrators generate lower frequency vibrations with higher amplitudes Knockers generate impulses comparable to a hammer blow. Each of the 3 working principles has its own specific vibration characteristics. The respective application dictates which principle can be most effectively implemented. Our application engineers will be pleased to advise. Netter supplies solutions. Rotary vibrators Linear vibrators Impactors from to from to from to Nominal frequency (min1) 1.800 46.800 113 8.738 - - Centrifugal force (N) 277 62.260 11 31.400 - - Unbalance (cmkg) 0,005 113 0,01 368 - - Max. impulse (Ns) - - - - 2,2 114,4 Work per impact (Nm) - - - - 6 324 Kind of vibration rotary linear linear

Netter Electric Vibrators Benefits and features of Netter electric vibrators: The driving energy is electricity Voltages from 12 Volt DC up to 690 Volt AC Frequency from 50 to 200 Hz or adjustable by means of frequency converters Rotary vibration Easy to clean, smooth surfaces Resistant to aggressive environments Special stainless steel versions and explosion proof versions according to ATEX regulations are available Netter electric vibrators are available as external vibrators and as internal vibrators. External vibrators are mounted to the structure to be vibrated (feeder, hopper discharge, precast form, etc.). Internal vibrators are placed into the product to be vibrated (concrete, bulk material, etc.), and are therefore subject to a certain amount of wear, due to abrasion from the product. External vibrators Internal vibrators from to from to Frequency (min-1) 750 3.600 12.000 12.000 Centrifugal force (N) 40 217.700 1.160 10.470 Working moment (cmkg) 0,08 4.901 - - Radius of effectiveness (cm) - - 40 160 Compaction rate (m3/h) - - 16 65 Kind of vibration rotary rotary

Netter Hydraulic Vibrators Benefits and features of Netter hydraulic vibrators: Rotary vibrations High working moments, large amplitudes Favourable power to weight ratio Variable frequency Netter hydraulic vibrators are available as external vibrators and as internal vibrators. External vibrators are mounted to the structure to be vibrated (feeder, hopper discharge, precast form, etc.). Internal vibrators are placed into the product to be vibrated (concrete, bulk material, etc.), and are therefore subject to a certain amount of wear due to abrasion from the product. External vibrators Internal vibrators from to from to Frequency (min-1) 1.750 4.000 6.000 8.000 Centrifugal force (N) 7.270 44.110 12.970 23.068 Working moment (cmkg) 2,06 119 6,57 6,57 Working width (cm) - - 180 360 Compaction rate (m3/h) - - 75 135 Kind of vibration rotary rotary

Netter ATEX-Vibrators NetterVibration has been supplying an extensive range of vibrators for use in potentially explosive areas, according to ATEX regulation 94/9/EC, since 2003. All of the devices comply with the requirements of this regulation. The ignition potential of each vibrator has been evaluated according to the formalised procedure of EN 13463-1. This results in a series of ATEX conforming vibrators with special application rules. Details can be found on the declaration of conformity or in the operating manual that comes with the vibrator. You should be aware that only vibrators showing a registration number or documentation number on their name plate can give you the certainty that the stipulated procedure for the evaluation of conformity has been conducted, and that the vibrator you have in your hand is really suitable for use in potentially explosive areas. The Netter ATEX vibrators are summarized in the following table.

Netter Stainless Steel Vibrators leaflet Electric External Vibrators Series NEG S / NEA S Power supply 230/400 V 50/60 Hz or 230V AC Integrated connector box Maintenance free Smooth housing surface Stainless steel unbalance covers and housing Directional rotary vibrations Protection IP 66-7, Iso class F Applications Driving feeders and sieves In the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries Relieving product congestions Loosening adhesions -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- leaflet Pneumatic Turbine Vibrators Series NCT S Operats using oil-free compressed air Nominal frequency 4.440-40.500 min-1 Centrifugal force 294 - 8.537 N Frequency continuously adjustable Low noise level Maintenance free Resistant to aggressive environments ATEX version available Applications Moving bulk materials Reducing friction Emptying hoppers Driving chutes, sieves and vibrating tables Preventing adhesion in pipes and on plates -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- leaflet Pneumatic Piston Vibrators Series NTK S Variable vibration mass Directional linear vibration High amplitude Amplitude and frequency can be adjusted independently Nominal frequency 420 - 3.600 min-1 Centrifugal force 11 - 7.400 N ATEX version available Applications Driving feeders and dischargers Loosening or compacting bulk materials Mechanical stimulation of processes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- leaflet Pneumatic Piston Vibrators Series NTS S Linear vibration Resistant against aggressive invironmental conditions Nominal frequency from 827 - 9.040 min-1 Centrifugal force 32 - 21.808 N Frequency and amplitude are adjustable separately Synchronous operation possible (NTS 350 and higher) Available in ATEX complient or in stainless steel Applications Especially suitable for conveying, compacting and loosening bulk material To empty bins Drives for conveyor and dosing throughs -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- leaflet Pneumatic Piston Vibrators Series NTP S High impact frequency Soft and hard impacting versions Directional linear vibration Resistant to aggressive environments Nominal frequency 1.200 - 8.400 min-1 Centrifugal force 65 – 1.883 N Amplitude and frequency can be adjusted independently ATEX version available Applications Knocking off adhesions in funnels, containers, silos and hoppers Relieving product congestions Driving vibrating tables -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- leaflet Pneumatic Impactors Series PKL S Impulses of up to 114 Ns Low air requirement for each impact Impulse adjustable via pressure Rubber hammer version with elastomer insert EE Version with automatic control ST of impact sequence ATEX version available Applications Knocking stubborn adhesions off walls, pipes and containers Relieving product congestions


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